We are mainly committed to the commercial trade and research and development of various types of tents, folding tables, folding chairs, carts and other outdoor camping equipment.

We has a business team engaged in outdoor product development and sales all the year round, and has a sound management plan for product quality and after-sales service.

The perfect sales and service concept has enabled us to gain the trust of many foreign outdoor brands and establish long-term cooperative relations.

Camping Bed

The Basics


We are proud to present an innovative inflatable military camping bed with three adjustable height levels, offering you a comfortable, convenient, and versatile outdoor sleeping solution.

Our inflatable military camping bed is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term use. The bed surface is crafted with soft, waterproof polyester fabric, providing comfort and easy cleaning. The bottom is made of rugged PVC material, capable of withstanding sharp objects on the ground, protecting the bed’s lifespan.

Folding TABLE

For beginners


Our folding table adopts an integrated folding design, making it extremely convenient for both usage and carrying. You can easily fold the tabletop and legs into a compact shape, saving space and facilitating portability. Whether it’s outdoor picnics, camping, or indoor workspaces, our folding table can effortlessly meet your needs and offer you a portable user experience.

Our folding table offers the advantage of adjustable height, allowing you to freely adjust the table’s height according to your needs. Whether you require a low-height tabletop for placing food and beverages or a higher surface for work or standing tasks, our folding table can cater to your personalized requirements, providing a comfortable working or dining experience.

Folding TENT

Just follow these simple instructions


Our tent adopts an integrated folding design, making it incredibly easy to set up and dismantle. Simply unfold the tent, and it will quickly expand and automatically set up, saving you time and effort. When you need to pack up the tent, it can be easily folded for convenient carrying and storage. This integrated folding design makes the opening and closing of the tent extremely convenient, offering you the convenience of quick assembly and disassembly.

The Menu

You will be able to choose the best products

1~2 Persons Tents 3~4 Persons Tents 5Person & Family Tents Car Awnings

Beach/Fishing Tarps Camping Tarps

Alu Table Steel Table Wooden Table

Alu Chair Wooden Chair Plastic Chair

Nail Wind Rope Light

Sleeping Bag Camping Bed

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